Sleep is a myth

Sketches from class today. We had Alain Corbel and Yvon Alagbe speak to us about Graphic novels and about how they began during a time in France when comics were not mainstream and just doing what they enjoyed then finding an audience to buy their work. Very cool talk.

Ink bears. Bears. Bears on the brain. Some of the final sketches for an editorial illustration class assignment.

Some sketchbook stuff. Classmates, class outing etc…

So I was cleaning out some old files and I found my old storyboarding class assignment. These were some of the bits I actually did like. It all ended up in a 3 minute moving animatic that had the most inconsistent faces ever haha….

The script was pre provided so I didn’t have a choice with the scifi-alien-planet-everyone-dies plot. But ah, I nearly killed myself drawing and toning all 300 frames in a week. i coerced my brother into learning photoshop to help me tone… 

Stone cold. self portrait kinda. I’m described as cold a lot, like a statue.



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You know what, hell yeah why not. 

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some recent sketchbook stuff…