Sleep is a myth

An editorial illustration done as an assignment fro class. Illustrated with ink and brush, then touched up digitally.

I was given an article about McDonald’s being a symbol of free speech to the Russian people in the early 80’s and now the present government wants to shut down the branches in the capital city.

The catch was we were required to use animal allegories. Of course Russia became a bear as the most immediately recognizable animal symbol is the Russian Bear. Depicting Mc Donald’s as an animal was a tough decision for me. Generally we are used to seeing McDonald’s as the villains of an article, but here they were the heroes. Yet the main characters were the Russian people. The McDonald’s was simply the venue. 

I chose to illustrate that concept with bees in a hive; having a magnitude of bees as the Russian population, gathering within their safe haven that is the hive that is being threatened by the bear.

The full article can be found here:

Playing cards for illustration homework!

Based on the seven deadly sins, My sin was Greed.

Some life drawing stuff from last last week! 

A quick animation exercise from class. We had to transition someone else’s doodle into our own. Mine was a scribble while my friend’s doodle was a lovely face.


Some self-rejected sketches from class…


sketchbook and life drawing stuff.

Penn station, Baltimore.

Visual Journalism class sketches.

Sketches from class today. We had Alain Corbel and Yvon Alagbe speak to us about Graphic novels and about how they began during a time in France when comics were not mainstream and just doing what they enjoyed then finding an audience to buy their work. Very cool talk.

Some sketchbook stuff. Classmates, class outing etc…